**Currently not taking orders until Dec 15**


Our Headbands are one size fits most. Please note, because of different materials and fabrics used, the stretch and fit of our headbands may vary slightly.


Snug to least snug fit:

Black Suede 

Cotton Collection 

Chiffon Collection

Leopatra/Serpentini/ Basic Black/ Papaya


The Rosie

Black/White Floral 

Satin Collection


How to prevent your headband from slipping:

(Our headbands stay put on most shaped heads!) However.. 

We recommend using velcro stickers for fabric and sticking it on the underside of your headband. You can find these stickers in stores such as Canadian Tire, Michaels or at any Arts and Crafts stores. 

You could also try with a couple of bobby pins and criss-cross them on either side just above the buttons to hold the headband in place.


Care Instructions:
We recommend hand washing all our products in lukewarm to cold water. Lay flat to dry.
Due to the nature of some fabrics, some materials will have more wrinkles than others. A clothing steamer on low setting may be used.


Please understand that actual product colours may vary slightly due to different device settings and lighting.